The fallout from Canadian Wildfires continue to impact large parts of North America and by all accounts they will continue to be a pretty serious program for the rest of the summer.

There are several parts of New York that have been impacted and will still be impacted in the near future, which of course is causing a problem that I'm not sure we really thought about beforehand - what are the kids going to do if it's not safe to be outside?

Often summer is the quintessential purpose of life for a kid. You spend all year toiling in school, getting your education, just in hopes of making it through the school year in order to spend your summer bike riding, going swimming, going to baseball games, playing with your friends, and enjoying kid-dom. unfortunately, 2023 hasn't turned out that way for most kids in the northeastern parts of America.

We've been constantly having to adjust plans to deal with the negative health impacts of being outside when the air quality is unhealthy.

So what do you do when you're a kid stuck indoors? We've got a few suggestions for you:

Play Video Games

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Now I know everyone wants to be outside having fun, but if you have to be inside, you can always turn on the Playstation or Xbox to get some gaming on. You can get extra bonus points if you play a game like Wii Sports or Just Dance that gets you up and moving.

Pull Out The Board Games

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If you're tired of video games, you can go old school and pull out the good ole board games. My sons and I often will play Monopoly, Life, or Connect 4 for hours at a time.

Stop By Your Local Community Center

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Image Credit: Google Maps

Many local community centers are open and ready to help keep the kids occupied for hours at a time. Quite a few of them in Western New York have indoor pools, gyms, and all sorts of activities.

What are some things you can think of?

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