Jhene Aiko knows how to pull on our heart strings with her honest and unfiltered lyrics, but her new video for "Eternal Sunshine" really hits our emotional side too.

Directed by Jay Ahn, the video shows Jhene lying on the pavement but she gradually starts to rise above the ground. She lies still the whole time and is singing straight to the camera as she lifts toward the heavens. As the video progresses, we see that she's levitating above a car crash and we're led to believe that her spirit is heading up to the sky.

But although it is a somber sight, Jhene sounds hopeful in the first verse. "Is it strange for me to say / That if I were to die today / There's not a thing that I would change / I lived well / Maybe I have made mistakes / And been through my fair share of pain / But all in all, it's been okay / I've lived well," she sings.

Midway through the visual, clips of a little girl and her siblings are shown as well as Jhene buckling her little girl into her seat. And soon we see the accident unfold. The video ends with clips of her late brother, Miyagi, who died in 2012, after losing his battle with cancer.

The car accident depicted in the video brings to light a car crash Jhene was in two years ago. Her daughter Namiko; sister Miyoko and Namiko's father O'Ryan were also in the car. The singer suffered a broken wrist.

We can't help but applaud her for wearing her heart on her sleeve in her visuals as well as her music.

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