When we first heard that Jennifer Lopez and Chris Brown were working on new music together, we thought the fruits of their labor would bring us EDM-inspired club hits, but we couldn't be more wrong.

J. Lo confirmed to Extra, "We were in the studio, writing songs and just getting that ‘Jenny from the Block’ flavor back.” With Breezy harkening back to 2002 with J.Lo, it seems as though the R&B superstar is desperately pining for the past, which fans can definitively  hear on his newest track 'Fine China.'

Lopez's eighth studio album seems to be in its very first stages, with Lopez saying, "We actually worked on a bunch of [title] ideas… and we talked about doing a duet together for his album. Every time I get a new song I'm like, ‘Oh, that could be a new title for the album.’”

Breezy also confirmed to Ryan Seacrest that not only was he working on new material for J.Lo's album, but he was trying to put together a collabo for his upcoming LP, 'X.' He said, "I’m trying to get her on my album, I have a couple songs that would be incredible for her to feature on. But as for now, I’m just in the studio writing for her album and collaborating on new stuff and trying to give her some party music and fun stuff."

Ain't no party like a Breezy and J. Lo party! We can't wait to hear their joint tracks!

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