A day after dropping 'Me OK,' it looks like Jeezy is ready to drop a new project to acknowledge his ten-year longevity in the rap game.

The 'Soul Survivor' rapper announced that his fifth studio album will be called 'Seen It All.' The album marks the follow-up to his 2011 effort, 'TM:103 Hustlerz Ambition.'

"I gave you 'Thug Motivation 101,' I gave you 'The Inspiration,' 'The Recession,' I gave you ['TM: 103'], and I feel like through all that, I've been through a lot and I feel like I seen it all,” Jeezy explained to REVOLT TV. “That’s why I named my new album 'Seen It All.'"

“To be 10 years in the game and still be standing here in these motherfuckin’ Versaces and still be a solid A1, no dirt on your jersey and still doing what you do, you gotta see a lot, you gotta have a lot of wisdom in your head," he continues. "Anybody like Birdman or Jay Z or Puff Daddy can attest to that. It takes a lot to be strong in this game and still be here and still do your thing and that’s why I feel like I’m a young OG. I seen it all."

Jeezy didnt give a release date on the album. Hopefully, Def Jam will ignore the lyrical shots he threw at them on 'Me OK' and promote the project.

Listen to Jeezy's Song 'Me OK'

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