Tony Yayo claimed during an interview last week that the New York drill scene is dangerous.

Tony Yayo Claims the New York Drill Scene Is Dangerous

On July 8, Yayo went on the Drink Champs podcast for a five-hour interview to reflect on his early days with G-Unit, encounters with other hip-hop stars, opinions on the current music scene and much more, which can be seen below. At one point, however, the "Hater" rapper shared his views on New York's drill scene. After the hosts, N.O.R.E and DJ EFN asked Yayo about his opinion on drill music at the 23:27-mark, the "Salute U" rapper claimed that New York's drill scene is more dangerous than other states. He believes the music style is detrimental to other New York-based rappers because their bars lack empathy. Moreover, these artists don't hesitate to bring up people's deceased loved ones.

"Now, New York is worse than Chicago," he added. "And California, with the drill, because n***as is throwing like n***as dead friends in there. When we had battle raps with Ja Rule and them, n***as was still alive. […] But there's no remorse with the drill music. N***as is shooting little kids."

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Tony Yayo Says New York Took a Major L After Losing Pop Smoke

After N.O.R.E asks for Yayo's opinion on Pop Smoke at the 16:44-mark, the "I'm the Man" artist claims Smoke's death was the biggest downfall for New York's hip-hop scene. He adds that things were looking up for the drill movement when the late rapper was alive.

"Rest in peace, but that kinda f**ked New York up. New York was coming back, bro," Yayo stated in the interview.

"We had Pop Smoke, we had all these drill  n***as startin'…A Boogie. But Pop was…you know…"

Pop Smoke was shot and killed on Feb. 19, 2020, inside a mansion he was renting for four days in Hollywood Hills, Calif. While he was there, the late Brooklyn rapper shared a photo of a gift bag from his favorite clothing brand Amiri, and accidentally revealed the address of the house. That night, four men wearing ski masks crashed into Pop's bedroom and confronted the late rapper in a shower. One of the suspects ended up pistol-whipping the rapper and shot him three times in the back, a detective testified during a preliminary hearing. The robbers ran off with Pop's Rolex and sold it for $2,000.

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See Tony Yayo say that the New York drill scene is dangerous below.

Watch Tony Yayo Claim That the New York Drill Scene Is Dangerous Below

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