Soulja Boy is egging on his beef with Blueface by clowning the Los Angeles rapper for getting locked up.

Souja Boy Trolls Blueface

On Wednesday (Jan. 17), Soulja Boy hopped on Instagram and aired out Blueface in another Live rant.

"That n***a sitting jail broke as f**k," Soulja Boy says in the video below, while showing off several money stacks. "You wanna talk baby mommas, I'm finna go give this to your baby momma and put d**k in her mouth while you in jail. You know she gon' need d**k in her mouth for Valentine's Day. Now, you can't even give it to her ’cause you out here trolling. Now, you done went broke."

"Somebody tell Blue I'ma put some money on his books," Soulja Boy continued. "Psyche! You gon' starve, b***h. You gotta eat commissary. You gotta eat pork and beans, and ding-a-ling."

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Soulja Boy and Blueface's Beef Explained

Soulja Boy and Blueface's beef kicked off in December of 2023, after SB took exception to Blue saying he could beat Soulja in a Verzuz. This led to a vitriolic back-and-forth on social media between the rappers that included Blue making scandalous allegations about Soulja Boy's child's mother Jackilyn Martinez. She has since sued Blue for the claims.

Last week, Blueface turned himself in to police for a probation violation and will have to stay in jail until this summer. That hasn't stopped Soulja from taking shots. Earlier this week, Soulja Boy stated on Instagram that he wanted Blueface to be freed so they can shoot a fair one.

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See video of Soulja Boy clowning Blueface for getting locked up below.

Watch Soulja Boy Troll Blueface

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