Scott Storch is being sued for $65,500 by a jeweler for failing to pay for a platinum ring.

Scott Storch Sued for $65,500 by Jeweler for Failing to Pay for Platinum Ring - Report

On Thursday (Feb. 29), TMZ reported that Beverly Hills, Calif. jeweler Peter Marco who works at Extraordinary Jewels claimed in a suit that Scott Storch purchased a ring from him back in January of 2020. Marco claims that after making a few payments, Storch stopped paying in 2021 and now owes a reported $65,500.

Documents obtained by the outlet showed Marco sent two demand letters to Storch in October of 2023 and January of 2024, claiming a lawsuit would follow if the producer didn't respond. No additional details were made about what the suit specifically entailed.

Storch has not publicly responded to the lawsuit.

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Scott Storch Gets Into Heated Confrontation With Ex's New Boyfriend

The latest legal snafu for Storch comes after he got into a heated confrontation with his ex-girlfriend's partner outside his Beverly Hills home back in May of 2023. A cannabis entrepreneur named Jay Payd videoed the tense encounter on his Instagram Stories. Payd is dating Storch's child's mother Florence Mirsky, and the clip shows Jay walking up to Storch’s driveway and seemingly kissing his son Leo in a car, which pissed off the producer.

"Get away from my son," Storch can be heard yelling. "You’re gonna get f**kd up later!”

"You can do it right now, tough guy," Payd responds, to which Storch says: "One shot’s gonna come check you out!"

The police eventually came knocking, and Payd accused the producer of calling the cops on him.

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