Polo G is expressing just how much he doesn't like the recent trend of men dancing in hip-hop. In fact, he even demonstrates the hip-tapping move lightly as a clear reference to what's he's talking about.

Polo G Doesn't Like the Hip Tapping Dance Move for Men

On June 17, TikTok creator Jboogy posted a video in which he asks Polo G about fashion trends the rapper loves versus fashion trends he hates.

When Jboogy asked the Chicago native about a fashion trend he hates, the conversation unexpectedly shifted towards the popular hip-tapping dance.

"I won't even say a fashion trend but does dancing incorporate into fashion a little bit?" the "Flex" rapper replied.

"Dancing?" Jboogy responded.

Polo G continued to explain," Yeah, ’cause it's like swag s**t, right?"

The former XXL Freshman further elaborated on his thoughts. " I don't really like the little hip-tappin’ s**t," as he demonstrates the most basic form of the dance. "It's cool that people dance, but I don't like to see n***as doing that."

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What Is the Hip-Tapping Dance Move that Polo G Is Referring To?

The dance that Polo G is referring to can be identified as an extension of the "shake that shii" dance. New Jersey and Philadelphia natives popularized the "shake that shii" dance by grooving to Jersey club music.

Most notably, Lil Uzi Vert and streamer Kai Cenat have incorporated the hip-tapping addition into their dance routines. In fact, you can even see Uzi himself performing the move in his music video for "Just Wanna Rock" below.

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Watch Polo G's Explanation and Demonstration of Why He Doesn't Like the Hip-Tapping Dance Move for Men Below

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