Meek Mill is accusing DJ Drama of starting his infamous beef with Drake.

On Sunday (May 29), Meek Mill sparked a back-and-forth with DJ Drama on social media after accusing Mr. Thanksgiving of speaking down on him in interviews. One of Meek's tweets blames Drama for the whole Drake fallout.

"Drama tryna divide and conquer a feat lol," Meek Mill posted. "Drama basically started/powered that meek and drake beef … so to see him compare us again and cut youngin off to where he can’t barely speak so much gat in his mouth lol."

The Initial Beef Between Meek Mill and Drake

Back in 2015, Meek Mill became upset after believing Drake was dissing him on their collab track "R.I.C.O." and called Drizzy out for not writing the lyrics to his verse and having a ghostwriter, who was later outed as Atlanta rapper Quentin Miller. Meek allegedly got this information from DJ Drama who at the time had issues with Drake over the Canadian rap star allegedly sleeping Drama's ex-wife Summer P Walker. The rest, as they say, is history, with Drake and Meek engaging in a three-year beef that Aubrey was universally deemed the victor of by way of the scathing diss track "Back to Back." Meek and Drake squashed their beef in 2018.

Why Are Meek Mill and DJ Drama Beefing?

Meek Mill called out DJ Drama over the weekend for trying to downplay Meek's accomplishments, specifically Dram naming Lil Uzi Vert's "Just Wanna Rock" the new Philadelphia anthem over Meek Mill's "Dreams and Nightmares Intro."

"Dj drama a goofy over these hoes lol he won’t speak good on me I tore him up in the a," Meek Mill tweeted. "I asked drama why he always speaking down on me with a few other words too told him he’s a goofy… I also hit him when he tried to compare dreams and nightmares to I wanna rock AND DOWNPLAY ME … DONT LET THESE INDUSTRY LAMES USE YOU THEY DONT REALLY EVEN LIKE YOU SMH LOL."

DJ Drama fired back at Meek's diss. He accused Meek of being salty about Drama recently crowing Drake the Jay-Z of this generation and claimed their situation had nothing to do with women as Meek alluded.

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