Maino and Wack 100 have rekindled their beef on social media.

On Wednesday (April 5), during an Instagram Live chat between Wack 100 and Maino got into a heated argument over Troy Ave's "fake" chain that the Brooklyn rapper claimed to have in his possession last week. While Wack was talking to China Mac on his IG Live, Maino jumped into the conversation and engaged in a shouting match with Wack.

"N***a, you’s a bitch, let’s get to it!” Maino yelled at the veteran manager at the 20 minute-mark in the video below. "I don’t wanna do no talking. F**k all this talking, let’s get to it! F**k you, f**k your family, let’s get to it! F**k all the other s***."

Wack 100 responded by teasing him about Maino's scar on the side of his face.

"See the social media, you doing a lot of woofing…Did you break it down? Smile for me on the side. Smile for me. Let me see you smile right here. Give me the smile, you bitch ass n***a," he said to Maino.

"You got your drawers pulled up in yo ass, n***a. You broke ass n***a," he added.

Maino wasn't haven't it and called Wack an expletive before he left the session.

The beef initially started last month when Maino posted a 30-minute video calling out Troy Ave over his alleged fake chain that he lost during the Irving Plaza shooting in May 2016, in which Troy's bodyguard, Ronald "Banga" McPhatter, was shot and killed.

"This is your Jesus piece," he said. "This is the Jesus piece that you wore every single day. You got up, you went to video shoots wit,’ you got up, you put this around your neck."

"The significant thing about this chain is, ’cause I don’t want people to think, ‘Oh, Maino grimey, he got his chain,'" he continued. "This is the chain that Troy Ave was wearing when he got into his scuffle at Irving Plaza. And the reason why I held this chain is, not because I didn’t want to give it back, but because I just felt like maybe one day I’d have to step on him and remind him of who he really is."

“This chain is fake. The reason why I’ve been pointing this chain out is because you’ve been a liar since day one. You’ve built a small career on lies. You’ve built everything on lies," he added.

Maino insisted that there's no beef between him and Troy Ave but he wanted him to take accountability for his actions.

On March 23, former podcaster Taxstone, the man Troy Ave got into a scuffle with at Irving Plaza, was found guilty of manslaughter in the shooting death of Mr. McPhatter.

After Maino posted his video, Wack 100 came to Troy’s defense and posted old comments from Maino showing love to the Brooklyn rapper following the May 2016 shooting.

This prompted Maino to lash out Wack in the comment section of the manager's post.

"Mind your f**king business you d**k eating f***t! F**k is you speaking on me pussy!!!" he wrote.

Wack 100 also posted a video of himself talking to someone who accused Maino of being snitch when he was a teenager. You can listen below.

Maino and Wack 100 feud dates back to 2017 when Maino took issue with The Game, who's managed by Wack, shooting the video for his Meek Mill's diss song, "Pest Control," in Brooklyn.

Watch Maino and Wack 100 Get Into a Heated Argument Below; Fast-Foward to 20 Minute Mark

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