In a recent interview, Pras denied that he was an FBI informant.

In a TMZ video, posted on their YouTube on Sunday (May 7), Pras Michel emphatically stated that he was never an FBI or CIA agent. The former Fugees' statement comes as he was found guilty in his federal conspiracy trial last month.

During his trial, it was erroneously reported by the media that Pras testified on the stand that he was an FBI informant. A publicist for the rapper's attorney immediately pushed back on the reports and clarified that nowhere in his court testimony that Pras said that he was an informant. Despite the clarification, 50 Cent and others accused the "Ghetto Superstar" rhymer of being a snitch.

In Pras' recent interview with TMZ, he reiterated that he was never an FBI or CIA informant.

"I was never in the past president or future an FBI or CIA informant," he stated. "If people want to check it out look at the testimonies that I testify they could see all in the records and, um, with D.C. courts."

"This is not a Tekashi 6ix9ine situation, respectively speaking," he added.

When the cameraperson asked Pras what did he mean by saying this is not a Tekashi 6ix9ine situation, he responded, "because [6ix9ine] admitted he was an informant."

Pras reiterated again: "I was never, I never said I was, I...never will be CIA or FBI informant."

As for the guilty verdict, Pras remains hopeful that he will be vindicated through the appeals process. "We have a lot more work to do," he said. "We'll be okay."

As previously reported, Pras was found guilty of ten counts of conspiracy, including charges of money laundering, illegal lobbying, witness tampering and campaign finance violations. The 50-year-old artist was charged with being a part of a multi-million dollar international conspiracy where he sought to illegally lobby the U.S. government on behalf of billionaire financier Jho Low who is accused of stealing billions of dollars from the Malaysian development fund 1MDB. Additonally, Pras was allegedly involved in a fraudulent scheme related to the Obama campaign fund.

During his interview, Pras was asked if his former Fugees bandmates Wyclef Jean and Lauryn Hill are standing by him during his legal troubles. He responded, "Everybody supporting me, they know I didn't do anything wrong."

"Do I look like an informant?" he asked.

Pras has until June 9 to file an appeal in response to his guilty verdict.

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