Dame Dash is admitting that Jay-Z and Roc-A-Fella Records "took an L" when Nas dropped "Ether."

Dame Dash Believes Nas Got the Better of Jay-Z When He Dropped "Ether"

On Saturday (Sept. 9), Dame Dash joined streetwear fashion guru Willie Esco on The CEO Show. Toward the end of the one-hour conversation about the Rocawear clothing brand and being a CEO in the fashion industry, the interview turned toward rap music, specifically the famous beef between Jay-Z and Nas. The former Roc-A-Fella Records exec says he's of the belief that when Nas dropped "Ether" in 2001, Hov came out on the losing end of the battle as a result of the scathing diss track.

"I was in shock, but I was happy," Dame Dash explains in the video below regarding his reaction when he heard Nas mention his name on the track. "I wasn't hurt. I'ma tell you right now what happened. I was hyped that he said my name but also I knew what homie was doing and I thought it was a distraction. I'm like, 'This is bubblegum s**t.'"

Dame Dash continues: "I go to do a f****n' Rocawear campaign in Arizona, with Freeway I think, he was there. I land and this dumb s**t [Nas' "Ether"] is on the radio, and we took an L because he got in this man's emotions."

"He [Nas] got at homie," Dame later adds. "He was the only person I ever seen really rattle him [Jay-Z] like that. Yo, bro, I couldn't even talk to this dude. For three weeks, I didn't talk to Jay about any of that s**t."

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Dame Dash Thinks Jay-Z's Apology to Nas Made Roc-A-Fella Records Look "Crazy"

As the conversation regarding Nas' iconic diss track aimed at Jay-Z and Roc-A-Fella Records continues, Dame Dash tells Wille Esco all about how he saw a public apology Hov made amid the beef as something that had the entire record label looking a little weak. Back in 2001, when Jay-Z's mom disapproved of Hov's lyrics on "Supa Ugly," his response to "Ether," Jay apologized to Nas live on Hot 97.

"When he apologized and s**t, I was like, 'No!'" Dame Dash exclaimed. "I was hitting him from the thing like, "Get off the radio. We looking crazy.'"

Jay-Z and Dame Dash's Relationship Has Been a Topic of Conversation Lately

The soured relationship between Jay-Z and Dame Dash has been a hot topic of conversation recently. Just last month, Irv Gotti told Drink Champs that he primarily credits Hov with all of the success Roc-A-Fella Records had and that Dame was "just along for the ride."

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Check out Dame Dash speaking openly about the Jay-Z and Nas beef in his interview on The CEO Show below.

Watch Dame Dash Admit Jay-Z and Roc-A-Fella Records "Took an L" When Nas Dropped "Ether" and Listen to the Iconic Diss Track

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