Bandman Kevo is accusing Jackboy of taking testosterone shots to gain muscle after Jackboy made claims that Kevo has a BBL.

Bandman Kevo Says Jackboy Is on the "Juice"

On Sunday (Aug. 6), Bandman Kevo sat down for a lengthy interview with Say Cheese! for their YouTube channel. In one segment of the multi-part sit-down, the Chicago rapper addresses his ongoing beef with Jackboy, making claims that the "Live and Learn" spitter takes testosterone shots in his backside, which Kevo refers to as "juice."

"I digged real deep," Bandman Kevo says in the video below. "Like real, real, real deep, and found out, no, the n***a don't got a BBL but he's definitely taking shots in his ass, bro. He's definitely getting ass shots."

Bandman Kevo continues: "Basically, what he's doing, the n***a on the juice. You ever heard of the juice? We ain't talking about Smoothie King. So, long story short, I don't know who putting that shot in his a*s by his booty hole, bro, but he's basically off the testosterone ... That's why you see that crazy transformation."

Why Is Bandman Kevo Accusing Jackboy of Taking Testosterone Shots?

While Jackboy's recent body transformation is staggering, as is evident by his Instagram photos below, the main reason for Bandman Kevo's allegations of performance-enhancing drug use is due to the fact that Jackboy made some accusations of his own. Back in July, Jackboy hit up Instagram Live to show off his workout regimen, and in the process, claimed that Kevo got himself a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL).

"Y'all don’t have to be on none of these hard drugs," Jackboy says as he shows off his home gym in the video clip below. "Y'all don’t have to go get no surgeries and be laying on your back. Laying on your back getting the BBL like BandMan. I'ma show you everything you need. This all you need at the crib."

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Does Bandman Kevo Really Have a BBL?

Despite rumors that have been running rampant for over a year regarding a potential BBL, Bandman Kevo remains adamant that he has never had that particular procedure done. However, the Chi-Town spitter has spoken openly about the fact that he has switched up his natural physical appearance with the help of liposuction surgery, an operation that he claims is more prevalent in hip-hop than one might expect.

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Watch the BBL and testosterone-shot accusations fly between Jackboy and Bandman Kevo in the videos below. You can see photos of Jackboy's impressively defined physique as well.

Watch Bandman Kevo Accuse Jackboy of Taking Testosterone Shots to Gain Muscle

Watch Jackboy Claim Bandman Kevo Has a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift)

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