Accident-prone New Yorkers are heading straight to Google after an injury.

Do You Google Your Ailments?

I'm not the only one who goes directly to Google regarding my ailments, even though experts say you probably should. Usually, the internet is more dramatic than any actor or actress and will predict death in 3-4 days.

I digress.

With that being said, I feel like we should put a disclaimer here: If you get injured and are in pain maybe go to see a medical professional before you type in Just a suggestion.

Top 5 Most Googled Injuries in New York

Phoenix Injury attorneys at looked at Google data "to establish the personal injuries and ailments residents in New York are searching for the most."  According to their research, there was a list of 102 injuries across the United States which they determined to be the "most Googled."

Out of the 102 injuries found, these are the Top 5 Most Googled Injuries in New York:

5. Concussion - 8,300 searches a month.


4. Nasal Septum Deviation - 12,633 searches a month.
3. Bursitis (symptoms include: joint pain and swelling. Can be caused by jobs that "require prolonged pressure on joints or repetitive movements.") 13,675 Google searches a month.
2. Shin Splints - 14,542 searches a month.


1. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome -14,850 searches a month.

The Most Googled Injuries in America

Much like most of New York, we're up to date on all the trends...including the top injuries. goes on to share the Top 5 Most Googled Injuries across the US and it looks similar to the New York results:

  1. Shin splints
  2. Bursitis
  3. Carpal tunnel syndrome
  4. Nasal septum deviation
  5. Concussion

A spokesperson for the Phoenix law firm said in a statement:

This research highlights what injuries are the most common and what people are searching for and are most concerned about in the US. By spreading this knowledge, we can make people more aware of injuries, whether it is to prevent them or how to cope with them. It is fascinating to see how this research is reflective across all the states, such as bursitis being the top searched injury in 33 states. It's important to remember an injury can occur at any time, including the workplace, so it's best to always be prepared on how to deal with emergency situations."

What's the last thing you Googled? Was it an injury or illness?

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