Here are the wing prices for March 2024 at some of the most famous places for wings in Western New York.

Wing Prices Then Vs. Now

Wings are a staple of Buffalo cuisine. After all, they were invented in the City of Good Neighbors. However, since the pandemic prices for wings have skyrocketed. It was common before 2020 to find 25-cent wing nights. Now you're lucky to find a $1 wing night.

Some say restaurants are overcharging on purpose during a time when food prices across the board are high. Others would argue the cost of doing business is so much higher now that businesses have no choice. Regardless of why, it affects your bank account and causes you to make more choices when it comes to ordering or dining out.

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Why Wing Prices Are Higher

There are several factors as to why prices have gone up so much. While the price of wings themselves isn't as high as it was even a year ago, the other things that are needed to make wings cost more.

Hot sauce, butter and margarine, cooking oil, BBQ sauce, labor, shipping, utilities, and many other things contribute to what a restaurant has to consider when pricing its menu. Everything is more expensive, including for business owners.

Now, do they need to cost as much as they do? That's up for debate, but not for vote. Businesses can charge whatever they feel is appropriate and either reap the rewards or suffer the consequences.

Chicken Wing Prices At Famous Spots in Buffalo, New York

For this, we simply searched online for some of the most well-known wing spots in Western New York. Then found their menus and took a screenshot to show you just how much they charge. Some places did not have a website, believe it or not, so they are missing but listed below.

Chicken Wing Prices At Famous Spots in Buffalo, New York

Here are the prices for 10 wings at some of Buffalo's most famous spots as of March 2024.

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