People submitted ideas on what the county should name their plows, and what Western New Yorkers came up with is absolutely hilarious.

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Snow isn't much fun, but at least the plows moving it off roads around Buffalo will be. Erie County wanted to have a little fun with their plows so they had an online name-a-plow competition. Anyone could submit a name with 40 ultimately being chosen.

Now, we don't get to see all the submissions people put in which is probably for the best. After all, some people can get, well, not nice. They 40 names that were chosen though are everything from adorable to punny to hilarious.

There are 10 names from the under-18 category and 30 names from the over-18 category that were ultimately chosen. Below are the results with the number of votes each one received.

ALL OF THESE will be put onto one of the 40 plows we have in Western New York! 

The Top 10 names from the Under-18 category are:

Stefon Diggsyouout (616)

Snobi Wan Kenobi (609)

Perry the Plowtapus (435)

Plowasaurus Rex (379)

Lady Lake Effect (351)

Ice Force One (313)

The Blizzard Wizard (287)

Phony Zamboni (277)

Chicken Plow Main (274)

Brrr-ito (273).

The Top 30 from the over-18 category are:

Plowey McPlowface (536);

Betty Whiteout (393)

The Big Leplowski (254)

Dwight D. Eisenplower (243)

Tre’Davious Whiteout (225)

Darth Blader (224)

Bills Make Me Wanna Plow (207)

Fast and Flurrious (178)

Spirit of ’77 (165)

Austin Plowers (163)

Hippoplowtamus (161)

Six-Pack Jimmy (160)

Pancho Billa (154)

Alice Scooper (151)

Catch My Drift (145)

Snow Diggity (145)

Sir Scrapes-A-Lot (141)

Mr. Plow (133)

Blizzard Fillmore (125)

Han Snow-Lo (124)

Lord Coldemort (120)

Snow Force One (113)

Snow Daddy (112)

Snow Money Snow Problems (110)

Abominable Snow Plow (108)

Thundersnow (107)

Snowy McPlowington (104)

Ain’t Snow Stoppin’ Us Now (102)

Flake Effect (102)

Goo Goo Plow (99)

What's your favorite plow name?

For more, check out the Erie County Press release, CLICK HERE.

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