This year people attending the Eden Corn Festival will have a chance to try something new.

Hamburg Brewing announced this week that they have partnered up with the Eden Corn Festival to create a special new beer.

The new "Eden Cream Ale" is a corn-based beer that will only be sold during the Eden Corn Festival, which takes place August 3rd through the 6th.

According to the brewers at Hamburg Brewing, this is the first time that they have brewed a cream ale.

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Thursday, August 3rd there is the Hometown Petshow, Corn Growers competition, and an open mic night
Friday, August 4th there is Chicken BBQ, Run for the Corn cross-country race, and a cruise night
Saturday, August 5th there is the corn husking contest, Garden Tractor pull, and the Eden Agriculture Show Case
Sunday, August 6th there is the corn hole competition, BBQ cook-off contest, and more.

The Eden Corn Festival is free to attend and will run from 3 pm to 11 pm on Thursday and Friday, Noon to 11 pm on Saturday, and Noon to 9 pm on Sunday.

For the latest on the Eden Corn Festival and everything that is happening, click HERE

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