One of the best places to grab a hot dog in Western New York will be open on a new day to give you more chances to enjoy their amazing food.

Frank Gourmet Hot Dogs, which was named one of Yelp's Top 100 Restaurants in 2021, announced on their social media that starting this weekend, they will now be open on Sundays.

Being open on the weekend is becoming a new trend for especially restaurants in Western New York. Wingnutz, announced they would be open on Saturdays for the first time in their history last year.

As a foodie who loves all the food here in Western New York, having these places open on the weekend is great. It gives you an extra chance to try out their amazing food and show off all the great food Western New York has to offer to visitors on the weekend.

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Up next, we need more places that offer a Friday Fish Fry every day of the week and all year long.

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