Right now we are in "Prime Time" to the ugliest part of living in Buffalo and Western New York.

Most of the time this area is amazing and there is so much beauty, but now is the ugliest time of the year.

The reason is simple.


Yes! After getting several feet of snow a couple of weeks ago we are now stuck with big dirty mountains of snow. Gone is the brilliant white of fresh fallen snow. Now with us is the grimy, dirty, disgusting mounds of snow.

And they are EVERYWHERE! From downtown parking lots and mall parking lots to the sideroads in the Southtowns, there are dirty piles of snow everywhere.

There is nothing worse on a cloudy gloomy day than looking outside and you see dirty snow. It is so gross.

The good news is that a major warm-up is coming our way and with the temperatures getting above 32, a lot of these snow piles will soon be gone.

Check out some of the snow piles I have seen over the last couple of days.

Photo Credit: Dave Fields/TSM 2024
Photo Credit: Dave Fields/TSM 2024

The other problem with the dirty snow is that it traps more heat than regular snow. The darkness of the snow traps the heat and makes the surrounding areas warmer which could lead to more melting and possible flooding.

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If you have dirty snow near you, you should try to shovel it and spread it around.

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