If it was you, wouldn’t you want to know?

I think most of us would, and thanks to an unsung hero who overheard a nearby conversation, a woman in Western New York may have been spared from all the future heartache that is to come. 

While many couples just celebrated their love on one of the biggest holidays of the year, this guy at the Buffalo Niagara Airport showed his true colors when he was talking with his “boys.”

Camryn Kmitch shared a post on Facebook, explaining what she overheard on Thursday morning. 

Take a look at the post below:

“To the girl whose boyfriend is currently at the Buffalo Airport, waiting to board a flight (currently heading to Charlotte) in 30 minutes, looks like he’s on a guys trip - he’s bragging to his friends about “how he cheats on you ALL the time” and my heart breaks a million times.


**this was around 10am**” 

As of Thursday evening, we received word that the girl had been located. 

Now it’s up to the girl to decide what to do with the information, and it’s not our business whether or not she continues to have a relationship with this guy. However, I am sure he learned his lesson after getting brutally exposed on social media. 

Thankfully we live in a world where girls still support each other, even if they have never met. 

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