One woman in Western New York took to Facebook to post about an incident that she, her friend, and her friend's baby had experienced in Losson Park (Stiglmeier Park) in Cheektowaga last week.

Bailey wrote on Facebook about her experience:

Women beware, got followed by a man in losson Park wearing gloves throughout the whole trail which was the weirdest thing then a different man was at an exit of the trails by a parking lot & this man followed my friend & I as well as her baby to her car , we drove to a parked car with people in it, the older man got into a car once he realized we were aware of them & he took off, don't walk alone & be very aware of your surroundings! (We are okay, just want to spread awareness)


Baily gave us permission to share her post in this way.


Unfortunately, these warnings have come from ladies around Western New York often. A lot of times you will hear very similar situations like this happening at the malls around town and people getting followed throughout stores and then to their cars.

It is important to keep spreading the news as a reminder for everyone to be aware of their surroundings. Experts will suggest that if you ever feel unsafe or think you may be being followed, send a text message to a loved one about where you are located and immediately find someone of authority if possible.

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