Buffalo Bills fans were not happy back in 2021 when the 2022 Pro Football Hall of Fame class was revealed, and the iconic Steve Tasker was missing from the list. 

Well, it looks like our boy is finally going to get another shot.

Even though Tasker technically missed his final year of eligibility with the announcement of the 2022 class, he squeezed through this year’s senior committee process to become a semifinalist for the 2024 HOF inductees.

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The legendary special teams phenom will now be competing with sixty other semifinalists, thirty-one of which were selected by the HOF’s 12-person Seniors Committee. Three senior players will then be selected for final consideration when the committee meets again on August 22nd.

Here’s Why Steve Tasker Deserves To Be In The Hall Of Fame

Steve Tasker
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Tasker, a Northwestern grad originally drafted into the NFL by the Houston Oilers in 1985, wore a Bills uniform from 1986 to 1997. He's considered by many to be one of the best special teams players of all time (or possibly ever). 

Although his career stats aren’t quite that impressive at first glance (he only caught 51 passes for 779 yards and about 1,200 in return yards), his ferocious tackles and blocks were an essential element to the legendary 80s and 90s Buffalo Bills squad.

His on-field dominance led him to being selected to the Pro Bowl an impressive seven times in thirteen years, along with being named Pro Bowl MVP in 1993 (the only special teams player ever to receive the honor).

He’s a no-brainer addition to any list of the top Bills players of all time, and to us, a more-than-worthy candidate for the 2024 HOF class.

Bills Mafia is pulling for you, Steve!

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