Years ago, people said that Pizza Hut was closing down all locations in Western New York for good.  But now, they've reopened 5 locations and are working on more.

Pizza Hut is opening another restaurant in Western New York

Today was the grand opening of the newest Pizza Hut location in Western New York.  You'll find it at the corner of Sheridan and Harlem Road (4005 Sheridan Drive) in Amherst.  This makes their 5th new restaurant.  They began opening up franchises in the Western New York area in April with locations in Tonawanda, Buffalo, Cheektowaga, and Depew.

This isn't the Pizza Hut that you remember

When you think of Pizza Hut as a kid, you may remember a bunch of things.  Of course, the salad bar was a huge focus as soon as you walked in.  They had those red cups that you got your pop in. And there was almost always a Pac-Man or Centipede arcade game in the entryway.  Ok, I probably dated myself a bit on that last one, but aside from getting to go out for pizza for a change, this was what you got when you went to Pizza Hut when I was a kid.

If it's the pizza that you love so much, then you'll be excited for this little bit of nostalgia to come back.  You can still order that famous Pizza Hut pizza.  You can even do it easier now.  They've got a digital menu, and there's even a digital customer ordering system.

But it's all carryout or delivery.  There is no dine-in option for these restaurants.

There are more Pizza Hut locations coming

This will be the fifth location as Pizza Hut tries to make it's comeback in Western New York and they're not done yet.  The sixth is already in the works on Transit Road in Lockport. They have said that they plan to have 10 total very soon.

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