Well, that's a red flag!  A recent list came out of the Top 100 cities with the highest STD rates.  Three cities in New York showed up in the top 50!

Talk about a troubling trend!

It feels like we would have this under control by now.  With all the information about how to protect yourself, you would expect that sexually transmitted diseases would definitely be on the decline by now.  But it certainly doesn't look like it in New York.  Innerbody did a dive into the CDC's data based on STD surveillance statistics to find the top 100 cities in the United States with the highest STD rates.  New York had three cities in the top 50.

Most of the worst-hit cities were in the south

Innerbody did point out that many of the cities that showed up in the top 25 were in the south (14 cities).  Memphis, Tennessee showed up in the top spot for the first time, knocking last year's leader Jackson, Mississippi down to number two.

Florida was probably the single worst city

Florida had three cities in the top 25.  While they saw one city drop out of the top 25 this year, which is good news, they also saw two of their cities do worse.  Both Jacksonville and Miami went from 23rd and 24th to 16th and 17th, respectively.

What cities represented New York on the list?

The three cities that showed up in the top 50 from New York included Rochester, New York City, and Buffalo.  Rochester was in the top 25 at #23.  New York City just avoided the top 25 at #26.  Buffalo was further down the list, but still in the top 50 at #43.

It's not good news, but it can serve as a reminder to people to protect themselves and stop the spread.  They're dangerous.  They're uncomfortable.  They could be deadly, and they're preventable.  Stay safe!

The data and statistics came from the CDC.  To see where more cities fell on the list, click here.

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