All of the Starbucks are now offering something that I think all Starbucks fans will love. They will finally be able to offer a service to deliver your favorite drink or treat right to your house in New York State.

Calling all Starbucks fans around New York!

As of this week, Starbucks is partnering with DoorDash in New York State. Buffalo and Rochester previously were waiting for DoorDash to deliver Starbucks. It will be available for home delivery across the entire United States by the end of March 2023. The problem with DoorDash is that it is just getting so expensive to use. Of course, the products or food that you decide on is usually more expensive, then by the time that you pay for the tax, service fee and tip, you could be spending over 30 bucks on a sub.

Does anyone else agree with this?

There was a big recall on some Starbucks products recently. Check to see if you have any of these in your fridge. Or if you are at the grocery store make sure you don't buy an individual one that might be in the small fridges by the register. There was glass found in certain Starbucks bottled drinks. The recalled product was 25,200 cases of Starbucks frappuccino Vanilla drinks each had 12 bottles in them. The FDA issued the recall toward the end of January, but there is concern that some people may have them in their houses because the best-buy dates are good through June of 2023.

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