The Buffalo Bills (6-6) playoff hopes are on the line this Sunday, as they travel to Arrowhead Stadium to play the Kansas City Chiefs. Kickoff is at 4:25 pm.

The Bills only have two regular season home games left: December 17th against the Dallas Cowboys at 4:25 pm and December 31st against the New England Patriots at 1 pm. If the Bills get in the playoffs, chances are it will be a road game, so these last two home games will likely be the final two times in Orchard Park in 2023.

The Bills will only play at the current location for Highmark Stadium for two more seasons. By the summer of 2026, the brand new open-air stadium across the street will be ready for play.

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If you have driven by the site of the new Bills stadium on Abbott Road, then you know that there are a lot of construction vehicles and crews working around the clock. For the last several months, it's just been a lot of digging...but that digging is mostly done, and the site is now looking like an actual stadium.

Check out the latest image of the new stadium site. As you can see, there is structure starting to form.

There should be a ton of progress made on the structure this spring and summer. It will look much different by the 2024 regular season.

For now, fans can expect heavier traffic for game days and that should continue even when the new stadium is ready in 2026, since they will have to demolish the old stadium for parking.

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