We're a few days away from Memorial Day weekend, which means that we're just about at the unofficial start of summer.

The weather should be good this week, outside of a cooler Wednesday and Thursday. It will warm back up to the mid-70's by the weekend. That's perfect timing.

Here in Western New York, we don't get too many chances to enjoy the great weather. From late May to late September, it's gorgeous but outside of that it gets a bit more dicey.

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We're also fortunate to have two major bodies of water on our doorstep: Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

The views off Lake Erie are beautiful and the best place to enjoy that view are the places that line the shore from Hamburg to Angola. That includes the Beach Club at Mickey Rats in Angola.

However, many people thought that Mickey Rats would be done after 2022. That's because last spring, it was reported that Mickey Rats would open for one more summer before the old building is torn down and they get a new building to create more memories.

To clarify, that didn't mean Mickey Rats was ever going away, just some changes in building layout. Captain Kidds was torn down last year and Ellicott Development Co. purchased the property seven years ago.

On Tuesday morning, the Beach Club at Mickey Rats announced that they have a tentative opening date of May 26th, which is this Friday. It will be their 50th anniversary.

They say because of construction, that opening date is tentative. It's still the same location.

Summer 2023 is just about here.

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