Sean McDermott is in really good shape and from the looks of things, it's because of his workout routine!

He's not just the head coach of the Buffalo Bills.  He's an athlete himself.  He's a former football player and wrestler.  He lives the life and puts his money where his mouth is when it comes to being in shape for football season.

Where did Sean McDermott play?

McDermott played safety at William and Mary College.  He was also a two-time All-Catholic and National Prep School Champion at 171 lbs in 1992 & 93′ at Lasalle College High School.  He's still known as that school's most accomplished wrestler.

McDermott still does his best to stay in good shape

The head coach of the Buffalo Bills still does his best to live the life of an athlete and tries to get in workouts as often as he possibly can.  It's a feat that's very difficult for a head coach to do considering how many hours are put into planning and executing a plan for his team each and every time a game is coming.

According to a recent survey, he's considered the second most fit coach in the NFL only behind New York Jets head coach Robert Saleh.

McDermott broke into a workout mid-interview

Recently coach McDermott was on Good Morning Football on the NFL Network and he broke out the kettlebell to get some presses in while they were asking him about his upcoming season.

Of course, it was a bit of a joke.  He regretted the decision as soon as they asked the first question because he was out of breath.

But there's no question, he still keeps himself in shape.

The Bills have bigger things in mind though than interviews.  They're already planning their course of action as they prepare to take on the New York Jets on Week 1 on September 11th in New Jersey.

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