When you come to The World's Largest Yard Sale, you're going to get a lot of nostalgia.  That includes a chance to meet someone you saw every day as a kid.

You just never know what you might find at the World's Largest Yard Sale

The World's Largest Yard Sale is a combination of just about every type of vendor there is.  We bring in people who have stuff to sell that has been in their attic or garage for years and we bring in retail vendors, crafters, and people with home businesses.

Because the vendors are so diverse, you could buy just about everything.  I've seen all kinds of things there like sporting goods, video games, crafts, and more!  A couple years ago, I even bought a life-size drinking game there.

Nostalgia is one of the key things people are selling and buying

If you've ever walked through the World's Largest Yard Sale in the past, one of the best things about it is the "remember when we had that?!" factor.  It's so cool to go through and see toys that you used to play with (in better shape than the ones you had), or t-shirts from concerts that you were at, or a number of other things that will spark some nostalgia in your brain.

Meet former Nickelodeon host Mark Summers at the World's Largest Yard Sale

Think of how many days you'd come home from school and turn on the TV as a kid.  If you were the kind of person who watched Nickelodeon after school, there's almost no doubt you've seen Mark Summers.  He used to be the host on a super popular show called "Double Dare" and more.

He's in town until September 30th while he does his show "The Life and Slimes of Mark Summers" at Alleyway Theater.


@mariapendo 🚨MARC SUMMERS IS COMING TO BUFFALO! 🚨This is NOT a drill! See Marc Summers from Double Dare live on stage at Alleyway Theatre. Use MY code MARIA for $5 off tickets at alleyway.com. Hurry up or else Marc will make you take the physical challenge! #FYP #MarcSummers #OnlyAtAlleyway #DoubleDare #buffalo #buffalove ♬ original sound - Maria Pendolino

And to make it even better, he's going to be at The World's Largest Yard Sale!  Want to meet him?

He will be there on Friday September 15th from 1-2pm.  Don't be late or you'll miss him and have to take the physical challenge!

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Other things people have found at yard sales (you never know!)

There is no better feeling in the world than finding a good deal. That is one of the best parts of going Yardsailing across Western New York. 

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