Yikes - is one of Buffalo’s newest power couples already having problems?

When Josh Allen and his longtime girlfriend broke up earlier this year and was spotted with Hailee Steinfeld, Bills Mafia freaked out. The idea of our star quarterback, 27, and the famous actress, 26, seemed like a match made in Hollywood heaven. 

When the relationship was seemingly confirmed after being spotted kissing in Mexico, fans ate it up. The new couple looked super cute together, and Buffalo was looking forward to some possible Steinfeld sightings at Bills games.

Josh Allen Hated The Invasion Of Privacy

Unfortunately, our star QB wasn’t exactly thrilled with all of the attention his new relationship was getting. While a guest on the Pardon My Take podcast earlier this month, Allen revealed that the paparazzi snaps were taken from a far away boat, and he felt “this gross feeling. Insecurity and no privacy."

(You can listen to the remarks below at the 46:00 mark.)

Now, a new report is claiming that all of the attention the couple is getting could be causing a rift between them. 

New Rumor Claims Josh Allen & Hailee Steinfeld Are On The Rocks

An “insider” recently told Life & Style that while Steinfeld is used to the attention while out and about, Allen isn’t, and it’s causing some tension. 

Getty Images/Canva
Getty Images/Canva

The source added,

Anytime people recognize them and want to take pictures, he gets tense and it spoils the mood. It’s not like they’re fighting over it, but it puts pressure on things. She really likes him, but if he can’t get used to the attention, it’s not going to last.


Listen, we understand if Josh was a no-name athlete that was suddenly thrust into the spotlight that things could get a little uncomfortable.

But Allen has been one of the biggest names in the NFL for years now, and is a star in his own right. He stars in national commercials and graces video game covers, so we imagine he’s adjusted to the attention.

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That being said, because he lives in Buffalo for much of the year, he might not be used to photographers lurking around to get a picture of him and his new lady. Western New York fans are generally polite and friendly, and we know to leave our Bills players’ alone when it comes to their personal lives.

Either way, we hope the rumors that the couple are on the rocks aren’t true - not just because we want our star QB to be happy, but also so we can catch a glimpse of some famous faces at Highmark Stadium this season.

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