The Buffalo Bills seem to be in good spirits before Sunday’s massive game! 

This weekend, the Buffalo Bills will battle the Kansas City Chiefs at home for the chance to advance to the AFC Championship. Come game time, we’re expecting the Bills to be at their most focused and determined, but we’re honestly glad to see that they’re able to let loose and relax before the pressure-filled game.

Earlier on Friday, Dion Dawkins filmed an Instagram live video that showed himself and other members of the team dancing in the locker room, and another video released by the Bills shows that they’re having a great time with each other this week.

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Josh Allen Won Nickelodeon’s “NVP” Award Last Week

NFL Slimetime, the show geared towards young NFL fans that airs weekly on Nickelodeon and Paramount +, honored Josh Allen this week with their NVP Award, the honor voted on by fans and given to the player with the best performance that week. 

Considering Allen went 21 for 30 with 203 passing yards, 3 passing touchdowns, 74 rushing yards, and an epic 52-yard rushing touchdown in Buffalo’s 31-17 wild card win against the Pittsburgh Steelers, we’d say the award is well deserved.

By winning NVP, Josh was awarded with a snazzy orange trophy from Nickelodeon and a huge bucket of slime, that’s supposed to be dumped on him by his teammates in celebration. 

A lot of this year’s NVP winners have been having a ton of fun accepting the accolade, including our boy Josh, as seen in a recent video.

Hilarious New Video Shows Allen Getting Slimed, BUT…

The latest funny video from the Bills shows staffers rushing to collect the delivery of the NVP Award after it’s delivered - but soon, they become very confused.

X via @buffalobills/Canva
X via @buffalobills/Canva

Which Allen quarterback is it? Josh, or his ironically-named backup (and good friend) Kyle Allen?

Panicking, the staff picks one of them - but it turns out they picked the wrong one.

x via @BuffaloBills/Canva
x via @BuffaloBills/Canva

Unfortunately for Kyle, the joke is on him when Josh comes barreling through the door with that big slime bucket.

x via @BuffaloBills/Canva
x via @BuffaloBills/Canva

After Kyle is slimed, he and Josh are literally running around chasing each other like little kids. It’s the greatest thing ever to watch.

See Josh Allen Slime Kyle Allen In The Hysterical Video Below!

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