There's no question that some of the Buffalo Bills are very unique characters.  One of them even claimed that he believes he's an alien at a press conference.

Halloween is over for this year, but Jordan Poyer claims that he's still an alien

Today's press conference with Jordan Poyer started off with a question about what he did for Halloween this year.  But it was the follow-up question that raised eyebrows.

Poyer mentioned that he and his family dressed as Avatar characters to celebrate Halloween this year. They had a lady come out from Los Angeles to get them into costume.  He said it took about 4 1/2 hours to get him into costume and another 5 for his wife.  In fact, it was so good that most people didn't even know it was him.

Why did he dress as an Avatar?

He almost said it in passing when he was telling the story.  He said, "We were Avatars in case anyone didn't know.  The real-life Avatars.  It was pretty cool.  Because I do believe I'm an Alien."

What did Poyer mean when he said he believed he was an alien?

Luckily, there was a follow-up question.  A reporter pried a little more by asking, "When you said you believe you were an alien, what do you mean by that?"  To which Poyer responded, "I'm just a different breed. Ever since I've grown up I always just felt like I was the odd one out. Everybody's going right, I'm gonna go left. You know, everybody's going up, I'm gonna go down.  So yeah.  I just believe I'm an alien."

It's not the first time Poyer has been asked about aliens

In October, Poyer sat down with Bills reporter Maddy Glab to answer 40 questions and one of the first ones was "Do you believe in aliens."  Adamantly and almost immediately he responded "Absolutely!"

Does he know something we don't?

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