Well…this is fun, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, feeling low comes with the territory of being a ride-or-die Buffalo Bills fan. OG fans know the pain all too well, having suffered and survived the heartbreak of the 1990’s Bills. 

Then, after several years of unsuccessful attempts at rebuilding and living through an agonizing 17 year playoff drought (and the height of the New England Patriots dynasty), things started to finally look like they were turning around for our beloved team. 

The Pegula’s swooped in, giving us a glimmer of hope. Sean McDermott practically rode in on a white horse and gave us our knight in shining armor, Josh Allen, shortly after. Talent after talent began to get developed and show off their assets, like Stefon Diggs, Tre White, and Micah Hyde

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It looked like all was right in the world, but smart Bills fans who have “been there, done that” knew better.

Cue the injuries. The questionable play calls. The interceptions. The firings.

And now, here we are; hanging to our 2023-2024 playoff hopes by a thread.

Just because the Buffalo Bills aren’t the same team we’ve seen these past few years doesn’t mean we’ll give up on them entirely. In fact, quite the opposite - we’ve seen worse, and have come out the other side in tact.

After all, Bills Mafia is the most resilient fanbase in the NFL... 

but that doesn’t mean we aren't super annoyed right now.

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