Nobody wants to go out in the middle of a storm.  But what if you want pizza?  Is it ok to order delivery when it's crazy outside?

A couple friends of mine went back and forth on this.  When you look at it, there really are a couple different sides that you can be on.

First, think about it from the consumer's side.  It's moments like this when delivery is worth its weight in gold.  The days when you really don't want to leave your house to grab something to eat is when you want it most.  You pay extra for delivery.  So why not take advantage of it when it would make your life easiest?

But then there's the restaurant side.  They want to make as much money as they can.  If they're open and they're offering delivery, as long as their employees can stay safe, that's why they offer it.  They want to make it as convenient as possible to get their food to you.

Now think of it from the person who works the delivery job.  There are a ton of them these days.  From companies like Uber Eats and Door Dash, they're literally there just to bring food to your door.  Many of them even get bonused on the number of deliveries they do.  The more they deliver, the more they make.  There's no question though that they'd prefer to make those deliveries when the weather is nice.

In the case of some of those delivery services, the delivery person has the option to take the delivery or to turn it down.  So the decision really falls to them.  But what about people who work for one restaurant and they don't get the opportunity to turn down a delivery.  They have to go out to make their paycheck.

I had a different opinion this year.  I am blessed to have a daughter with a very strong work ethic.  She is willing to work her butt off to make some money.  So when the opportunity comes up for her to have the chance to make some when everyone else is sitting on their couch, she jumps at it, regardless of what the weather is doing.  The last place a dad wants his daughter to be when there's a storm like this is to be out on the road making deliveries.

So what do you think?  Should you order delivery when the weather gets bad?

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