He was like having a coach on the field when he played in Buffalo, and now, he's going to be coaching quarterbacks in Denver.

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Davis Webb was a huge asset to the Buffalo Bills.  While he saw almost 0 playing time, he's credited with helping with the development of young Josh Allen in his early years in Buffalo.  You may remember the daily races that he would have with Allen in training camp.

He was a backup to not only Allen but throughout his career, also Eli Manning, Sam Darnold and, most recently, Daniel Jones.

Webb left the Bills to be with his former Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll with the New York Giants in the 2022 season.

Now, he's moving on again.  This time, he's headed out to Denver and he won't be putting on pads.  His new role will actually be serving as a coach.

So he will become part of Sean Peyton's coaching tree with his first actual coaching gig.

It's an interesting point that he will be coaching an all-pro quarterback in Russell Wilson - a guy who's arrival in Denver didn't go quite as many thought it would.  While some thought the Broncos might be able to challenge the Chiefs in the AFC West with Wilson's arrival, instead, they didn't even make the playoffs and Wilson seemed to gel with his new teammates like sandpaper.

They may have missed the playoffs again in 2022 but they're hoping to turn things around in that franchise with a big-name hire in Sean Peyton (formerly of the New Orleans Saints) and we will see if Webb's input can help get the Broncos back to scoring 30 more in a game again.

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