There's a guy on twitter who is claiming that he came up with a new date idea when he was stuck in a blizzard with his girlfriend in Buffalo this past winter.

It's hard to tell if this guy is just really good at marketing himself or if he's completely clueless. He claims that he came up with a brilliant idea for date night but if you're a Gen Xer or even a millennial, it's going to sound very familiar.

He calls his idea "Bottle Night"

The tweet comes from a guy named Collin Rutherford.  HIs idea of a perfect date night includes him and his girlfriend locking their phones away, turning off the TV, then each of them grabbing a bottle and talking.

He said it was born during a Buffalo blizzard last winter.

Does this idea sound familiar?

He's getting a lot of criticism on the post.  It's gone viral, but most of the comments come from people dragging him for inventing "talking."  If it sounds familiar to you it's because it's just a date.  This is what people used to do to connect.  They'd put their phones down and actually talk to each other.

Also, how did he get that picture?

A lot of people also picked up on something obvious about the post.  If the whole point of "Bottle Night" is to put your phones away, then how did he take this selfie to post on social media?

Does it look like a marketing ploy to you?

Do you think this post might have been about something else?  Sometimes all it takes is to get your name out there and that's exactly what Collin was able to accomplish here.  It wasn't anything scandalous.  It wasn't anything shocking.  It was just a simple post that he took a shot on and it went viral.  Chances are, you didn't know the name Collin Rutherford before this post went viral.  But now you've heard of him and he's selling "bottle night" swag.

The question is whether or not it will pay off for him to look silly for a minute to get some eyes on his post.

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