A really scary kidnapping attempt story happened in Clarence over the weekend. Luckily some quick thinking saved the day.

Unfortunately, there are many stories like this one that Alexis shared on Facebook on Saturday night.
It's important to note before you start reading the story is that the kids are okay.
Alexis Cox took to Facebook to share the story of her daughter and friend walking down Harris Hill Road in order to get to the park when a truck pulled up behind them, the passenger of the truck got out and started chasing them. Apparently, it was a white man with black clothing on. Cox said that the kids started running and went across the street and banged on the neighbors door. Thankfully, there are some great people in the City of Good Neighbors who really sprung into action. The New York State Police responded to the situation and according to Cox, she said that they were great.
Someone who witnessed the situation says that the truck was a 2015ish 4 door Chevy 2500 HD. You can read the story below that she posted on Facebook.

Unfortunately, there have been too many stories and attempts at abductions and they do not get enough attention in the local media. Of course, there are some bigger stories, but this happens A LOT in Western New York.

In March, there was a story that garnished national attention. One woman went to downtown Buffalo and drove to her home in Cheektowaga not knowing that she was being followed by a man who took her out of her own car, kidnapped her and put her in his car and drove away. She ultimately got away and the man was arrested.

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