You might have lived in New York State your whole life, but did you know this law? You will notice next time you see a car driving that does not have this on it. If it does not, the car is illegal.

New York State is a place where you need to have 2 license plates on your car at all time. If your car is registered in New York State you are required to have 2 license plates on your car: one on the back and one on the front. If you are not registered in New York State and just passing through, it will not be legally enforced.

New York State is one of a handful of states with this law.

There have been attempts to change the law in New York State. Recently, some bills have been presented to allow cars to only have 1 license plate and not 2. Though, none of them have passed.

Why do you need 2 license plates on your car?

Having both front and rear license plate also generates revenue for the state. When states require two plates they can charge a higher fee for license plate renewal. These fees vary by state, but are generally higher than states that require only a single rear plate", according to"

Will you get a ticket if you only have 1 license plate on your car in New York State?

Yes. You can get a ticket for almost $300 after surcharges fees. Though, you will not get points on your license.

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