Yesterday the Buffalo Bisons put a cryptic video on their social media pages that made people scratch their heads.  Today, we have answers.

It all started with a cryptic video

The Bisons put a mysterious video on their social media pages yesterday of a woman walking down an aisle at a hardware store.  Then she chooses two cans of spray paint.  One is yellow, the other is a shade of blue.  Then they flashed the date 3-19-24 to finish the video.

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The Bisons will have new jerseys for select games this year

Don't be surprised if you come to a game this summer and don't see the normal red, white, and blue uniforms that you're used to.  For a couple of games, the Buffalo Bisons will be switching to an alternate uniform and an alternate mascot.  They will be known for just those three days as the Luces De Buffalo.  They'll have a black jersey with yellow and teal writing that says "Luces" on it.  The jerseys will also have symbols that represent the sun or light and the design of the electric tower inside the 'L' of Luces.

See the jerseys here.

Why will they be called the Luces?

Luces means lights in Spanish.  Luces de Buffalo is a new alternate team identity developed in conjunction with the Hispanic Heritage Council of WNY to celebrate the history of and bring awareness to the many amazing Hispanic and Latino cultures living and thriving in Western New York.

Considering Buffalo was one of the first American cities to have widespread electric lighting, it is also a nod to that.

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When will the jerseys be worn?

If you want to catch them in person, the herd will be wearing these uniforms on just three days:

Sunday, May 26th

Thursday, July 25th

Friday, September 6th

On those dates, not only will the team be wearing the special uniforms, but there will also be special food and entertainment.

For more on Luces De Buffalo, click here.

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