The Buffalo Bills are currently building a new home in Orchard Park.  Today, they shared pictures to mark their progress.

There's no question that it has been a polarizing issue in Buffalo.  Construction on the Bills' new stadium has begun.  What was a pit last season is now starting to actually look like the bones of a new, modern football stadium.

A lot of Bills fans haven't seen anything like this before

Young fans have been visiting the same stadium for years now.  It was built in the early 70s and opened in August of 1973.  Since then, it has gone through name changes, interior upgrades, and some exterior upgrades, but for the most part has been the same place where Bills teams have played since they moved from "The Rockpile."

Why is it controversial?

It's a controversial talking point around Western New York.  The biggest problem with it is the cost.  The fact that the owner of the team is worth billions and the taxpayers in Western New York are still ending up footing part of the bill is understandably frustrating for many residents.

There was also a debate on where the new stadium should be built.  While a lot of people thought it should go downtown to help spur growth there, a study showed that the best place to build it was right across the street from the old stadium.  Almost everyone has an opinion about where it should have gone.  But there's no looking back now.

The stadium is well underway

If there was any thought of putting it somewhere else, it's too late now.  The dirt has been moved and steel has begun to be laid for the new stadium.  The Bills shared pictures today of the progress.

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