Buffalo Bills fans are annoyed how expensive it was to buy Stefon Diggs shirt, so someone made a similar one and it's way funnier (and probably cheaper).

Diggs has been working on his fashion line lately. In 2023 and 2024 it seems like it seems like he's REALLY been into it. You see Stef enter the stadium with all these statement outfits and he's been traveling and posting about his fashion adventures on social media.

His brand is called Liem Homme (Liem stands for Live In Every Moment).

But, people saw one of his shirts that was for sale and it is pretty pricey. It is a white shirt that has the words 'I NEED A HUG' on it. The cost is $265 and Bills fans were going crazy seeing the price on social media. No doubt the prices were going to cause a stir. Here are some of the examples that people were freaking out about:

  • Trucker Hat - $175
  • 'Grandma's Sweater' - $375
  • Running Errands Jacket - $1,800
  • Zip Up Hoodie - $550

I mean, Stef did say it is going to be high end and great quality so, the price would align with that and I'm sure that people are going to buy it--but Buffalo fans didn't buy into it. Literally.

In fact, one Buffalo Bills fan has already came up with an idea to do a knock off idea of Stef's shirt. It's in the same color and font. Instead of the phrase 'I NEED A HUG', the knock off will say 'I NEED A SUPER BOWL'. Check out the picture below.

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