The popular Barstool Sports podcast, Pardon My Take returned to Western New York this weekend to visit, what they claim, is the best chicken wing place in Buffalo, New York. Every year, the hosts go on 'tour' to a handful of cities in America and try new foods, restaurants and host their podcast with special guests and call it Grit Week.

They are kicking it off this year in Buffalo.

The guys from Barstool were here during their Grit Week back in 2021 to visit josh Allen at training camp. They talked to Josh Allen about how he was like a 'God' in Buffalo and he has all this responsibility on his shoulders. Josh Allen even went on to say that he heard a stat that the day after the Buffalo Bills victory, the production at work the following day goes down by 50%. After training camp, they went on to go see Wingnutz and here is what they had to say back in 2021:

These wings passed each of those three tests with flying colors. Just incredible all the way around. And I think the coolest part about it was that this place wasn't even a restaurant. They rent out a room and kitchen at the Knights of Columbus building in Buffalo and simply make magic happen. The next time we are in Buffalo, we will certainly be back.

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