They are the bar credited for inventing the "Buffalo wing."  Now, they're opening up a new location in another state.

Where was the Buffalo wing actually invented?

While there has been a bit of a debate over where the Buffalo wing was actually invented, most stories will lead you to The Anchor Bar.  They'll tell you that the co-owner at the time Teressa Bellisimo had made them as a late-night snack for her sons.  They liked them so much that they put them on the menu the next day and they blew up from there.

Anchor Bar opens new locations

For years, the only location of The Anchor Bar was the original on Main Street in Buffalo.  But in 2012 that all changed as the second location opened in Hamilton, Ontario in the Jackson Square Mall.  They're still operating today.

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That was the beginning of many new locations.  There are Anchor Bar Restaurants in Darien Lake Theme park, in Amherst on Maple Road, in Niagara Falls, Williamsville, and even in the Buffalo Airport.  But they don't stop in New York state.  They've also got locations already in Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, Colorado, Georgia, and there are 3 locations in Texas.

There's a new location coming to Myrtle Beach

For those of you who love to head to the beach in the summer, get ready for a new location of The Anchor Bar in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!

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They have the location listed on their website already but it just says "coming soon" when you click on that location for more information.  At this point there is no word as to when they will open the new location.

According to Buffalo Business First, there are also letters of intent to open stores in College Station, Texas; Bradenton, Florida; Orlando/Lakeland, Florida.; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Raleigh, North Carolina.

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