According to News Reports, there was settlement that was filed in October of 2016 to resolve an issue with  the 'OtherOS' feature on the operating system of the 'fat' PS3 console.

The 'OtherOS' feature allowed Linux (and other features) to be installed as a separate storage space by partitioning the PS3 hard drive.  News Sources say the 'OtherOS' system was removed from SONY PS3s in 2010.

According to News Reports, SONY has already paid out $3.75 Million in $55 increments, but now the pay out has jumped to $65.  You have exactly one month left to claim your money from SONY.

You are eligible, according to the Settlement Website if you purchased a 'fat' PS3 console between November 1, 2006, and April 1, 2010, from an authorized retailer, and you:

You can File your claim online through the Settlement Website.  The Deadline for filing your claim is Sunday, April 15 according, to News Sources and the criteria is as follows:

You need to provide at least one of the following forms of verification:

  1. Your 'fat' PS3 serial number
  2. The PlayStation Network Sign-In ID associated with the console
  3. The PlayStation Network Online ID associated with the console

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