Ever wanted to see what Idris Elba might look like if he actually picked up the iconic Walther PPK and introduced himself using his last name first, then first name, then last name again? Here's your chance.

Okay, well, he doesn't actually do either of those James Bond staple moves in this well-put-together clip that inserts the internet's top choice for the next actor to play the British superspy into November's Spectre. But that's not really the point. What this mash-up does accomplish is to give us a plausible look at what an Idris Elba–led Bond film could be. And we think it could be one damn entertaining motion picture. (Nice editing work, whoever did this.)

Daniel Craig has said that Spectre could well be his last go-round as 007, which brings up an ever-popular topic: Who should be the next James Bond?

People have been asking that ever since Sean Connery gave up the part and the idea of a different actor stepping into the role of James Bond first became an actual issue. It's a question that has persevered for decades, through the Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan eras -- often getting asked while each actor was comfortably in the midst of his run as 007.

If you start typing "Idris Elb" into your fancy Google machine, the first thing that pops up (after "Idris Elba," obviously) is "Idris Elba James Bond." Clearly there is a high level of public interest in the possibility of the former Stringer Bell taking up the mantle of the world's greatest spy (despite what some ignorant folks have to say). And after watching this, we'd say there is now conclusive proof that Elba would make an excellent choice to put on that classic tuxedo, sit behind the wheel of an extraordinarily rare Aston Martin, and get to work saving the world.

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