Buffalo Basketball is BACK. As two WNY College Basketball Teams advance and make their way to play in the NCAA March Madness Tournament.

The UB Bulls defeated #2 Ranked Toledo 76 - 66 to make it to the Big Dance and St. Bonaventure is going as well, taking on UCLA in Dayton on Tuesday...the first time in an NCAA Tournament since 2012, according to the Buffalo News.

The UB Bulls will be ready to take to court against #4 Ranked Arizona on Thursday in Boise, Idaho according to News Reports.

UB Forward, Nick Perkins, had this to say about Buffalo. (According to the Buffalo News)

"We're a team of many traits, fast paced, we can run and we hard-nosed," UB forward Nick Perkins said after the MAC championship game Saturday. "This is blue collar, that's our thing. We tough. Got a lot of guys that can score, so all around just a really good team 1 through 15."

If you aspire to go to either game, one may be a bit more challenging than the other.  The Bonnies play in Dayton. Ohio which isn't too bad ... approximately a 6-7 hour drive.  But UB Fans will have a bit more of a challenge as they need to get to Boise, Idaho.


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