Thanksgiving day is coming and if you are stressed out about shopping for groceries and getting the feast ready on time, Instacart may be the best choice.

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Laurentia Romaniuk works for the corporate division of Instacart and stopped by the show to offer some advice.

When it comes to the last minute goodies you might need for Thanksgiving, Laurentia told us that,

You absolutely can order on Thanksgiving day.We generally deliver in as fast as an hour but in some locations, we can even do 30 minute delivery.

The points that Laurentia outlined to keep in mind is that there is a new "deals" tab on Instacart that will highlight the best deals in the area. If you order pickup, and are an express member, you can get 5% cash back.

For some who are on the go or who have busy families, Instacart is a great option. But based on our chat with Laurentia, the key to a successful shopping experience this Thanksgiving is to get it done early, and get as much as you possibly can in advance.

We were at the grocery store this week on Wednesday and the place was mobbed. I think a lot of people are watching the forecast and trying to get things done before the snow starts to fly next week? Looks like we will have quite a bit of snow Coming Our Way, Wednesday possibly even Thanksgiving day. The Buffalo Bills play this weekend at home and many people are trying to get some shopping out-of-the-way before that as well.

Happy holidays to you and your family and like any other year the best gift you can give to yourself is patience. The stores will be more crowded than last year and because of the limited supply you may find extra frustration in the aisles of the store.

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