A star studded celebration was held (November 16), at Mr. Brainwash studio in Los Angeles. Google & T-Mobile unveiled 'Google Music', an online music store which allows users to purchase music, store up to 20,000 songs from their music library and stream music from Android devices and the web.

Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus, Serena Williams and Jojo were among the celebs in attendance. Drake, Maroon 5 and Busta Rhymes took to the stage. Busta opened the show and announced his official signing with Cash Money Records.

Google Music is being referred to as a potential rival of iTunes. "Apple now faces its arch rival in the retail-music sector where Apple is a juggernaut," wrote CNET's Greg Sandoval. "But it also means that iTunes will face a company with deep pockets, a history of success in music (YouTube is one of the popular music distributors on the Web) and popular consumer devices, Android phones and tablets, that can help market the music store. This is something few previous rivals possessed." Google hopes to reach 200 million Android users globally.

Who do you think will win the “retail-music sector” battle?