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Bobby V. is done singing about sex -- at least for now. The Atlanta native has gone ‘Back to Love’ on his new single, a dreamy ode filled with jazzy, live instrumentals and affectionate lingo. “Good night to you my soul flower / I hope you wish upon my star," he sings.

“We all love sex, but we all talk about that. Let somebody be that one to step out and do something different or say something different, so that's how I feel,” Bobby tells TheDrop.fm.

In fact, his entire new EP, ‘Peach Moon,’ is a bundle of acoustic vibes for your heart. This is a switch in style for the singer, who's known more for urban contemporary R&B sounds that rely less on musicianship and are more beat-driven.

“I've always been a situation where I had to chase a hit record or a song. I've always had to go into the studio make a song that’s a certain tempo so that the record company can work that song easily,” he explains.

The 33-year-old singer has let go of all his previous record deals and is releasing music on his own label, Blu Kolla Dreams. This has given him more creative freedom in making the music he wants. “I'm at the point where I'm not hurting for money or any of these other things," he shares. "I'm financially straight. I want to do something to kind of give back to people.”

Bobby, who is back to playing his piano on his latest recordings, says the new project takes from his musical influences such as soul men D’Angelo, Marvin Gaye, The Isley Brothers and is inspired by his contemporaries Dwele, Slum Village and Eric Roberson.

It's only been a year since the crooner released his last mixtape, ‘V Day,’ and album, ‘Dusk Till Dawn.’ Now he's focused on his ‘Peach Moon' EP, a title that came to him while he was in the studio. “As a whole, we're Peach Moon [himself and his band]. We're from Georgia. The peach was the first fruit eaten on the moon. And it's also the first time for me doing something new so it kind of coincided with that,” Bobby states.

Besides the music, Bobby V. shows his joker side in TheDrop.fm’s Go Fishing segment. In the video above, he reveals a special talent he can do with his mouth (one that not too many people can do), a secret feature about Lil Wayne’s recording studio, which one of his friends would wake up with a tattoo on their face, his pet peeves and much more.

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