New York Jets fans haven't had much to be happy about the last few years (or perhaps much longer, depending on who you ask), and now they can add another item to their lengthy list of miseries: the team's starting quarterback, Geno Smith, will be out of action for six to 10 weeks after a teammate punched him and broke his jaw, which will require surgery.

No video exists (at least that we've seen) of the locker room incident, but according to first-year Jets coach Todd Bowles, linebacker Ikemefuna Enemkpali "sucker punched" him during an argument or something.

"There was an altercation in the locker room," Bowles said. "It had nothing to do with football. It was something very childish. And he got cold cocked, sucker punched, whatever you want to call it, in the jaw. He has a broken jaw, fractured jaw, requires some surgery."

Enemkpali was immediately cut from the team. Guess that's what happens when you assault the quarterback (even if that quarterback is, well, terrible). Ryan Fitzpatrick will step in as the No. 1 QB for Gang Green. No one is sure whether this will ultimately help or hurt the Jets, though it's quite clear that -- regardless of their new head coach and general manager -- the Jets are still the Jets.

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